Customized Session starts from $400
  • 1-1.30hr session plus $50 for each additional hour
  • 25 high resolution digital images delivered via Online Slideshow gallery
  • Post production
  • I do not show my clients unedited photos, I also do not provide Raw files.
  • 10% discount for returning clients
  • Add-on: Photo Book for additional charges
      All-Inclusive $550
  • 1.30-2hr session
  • Immediate family members only (max 5 people)
  • 60 high resolution digital images delivered via Online Slideshow gallery
  • Post production
  • I do not show my clients unedited photos, I also do not provide Raw files.
  • 10% discount for returning clients
  • Complimentary Photo Book (10 pages)
       Terms and Conditions
  • 100% prepayment is due at the day of the photo session (cash, Venmo, Zelle). 
  • $100 non-refundable retainer fee is due at the time of booking to secure your session date. Photo session with immediate family members only (for groups larger than 5, each additional person is $20) 
  • Retouching takes up to 3 weeks. To make sure you get the variety of images in your gallery I pick the final photos myself. I do not show my clients unedited photos, I also do not provide Raw files. Retouching includes color correction based on my editing style from my portfolio, minor skin adjustment. I do not do major body modifications, clothing corrections. 
  • The Client may reschedule their session at least 7 days prior to their shoot without penalty. Should the Client fail to give a 7 days notice, or wishes to cancel the photography session, the retainer fee shall be retained by the Photographer. 
  • The photographer reserves the right to reschedule the session due to illness, weather, equipment malfunction, or other circumstances beyond their control. 
  • Rescheduling may take place up to 2 times. After that photographer retains the right to keep retainer fee. This is a business and as much as I love to provide an exceptional experience for all of my clients, there is simply a limit to what I can do when it involves additional time to do so. 
  • Any Client that is late arriving to the session will have late amount of time deducted from the time allotted for their session. 
  • Re-shoots are determined by the discretion of the Photographer. Re-shoots will not be given for poor choices of clothing, make-up, hair issues, behavior problems or by not following the recommendations of the Photographer. 
  • Travel fee might apply if traveling further than 15 miles away from zip code 95747 (Roseville, CA) ($0.5 for each mile)

Session Info

I take a lifestyle approach to photography and use my understanding of the equipment and natural light to create images that will become works of art that you can hang in your home and pass down for generations. I believe that what makes your family special is not the perfect posed moments, instead I know stories are better told through authentic connection, sweet little details, and honest love & emotion. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your session with me.

Pre-session consultation

So your photo session has been booked and now it is time to prepare!
Preparation is key. I highly recommend we talk over the phone, introduce ourselves, and discuss your ideas. It’s very important for me that you have a pleasant experience and we meet each other’s expectations, both in results and the process itself.


Finding the perfect location is an important part of planning for your photoshoot. I am based in Roseville, CA. I have my favorite places that I love to shoot at regularly but I always welcome your location ideas. We can also shoot in your home as long as it has adequate natural light. Together we will decide on the best location that fits your style and personality. For newborn sessions, we meet in the comfort of your home.


Outdoors: Preferably, the session will take place during the golden hour (2hrs before sunset). The light is typically too harsh midday. The images in my portfolio look the way they do largely because of my use of light and the time of day your session takes place.

Indoors: If we are shooting in your home, I prefer late morning (11am – 1pm) because that is when homes are usually lit up the best.


I usually keep my session between 1-1.30 hours. In my opinion, this is the most appropriate time for us to get to know each other, get comfortable during the session, and for me to get a diverse and adequate gallery. The duration may vary depending on the project.


I used to say that it doesn’t really matter how my clients are dressed up. Yes, my main goal is to capture your individuality, emotions, and feelings, not to make a fashion photoshoot. But learned from years of experience that your appearance needs to be visually pleasing and harmonious. Of course, your look should be comfortable and reflect who you are!

Pay attention: dress appropriate to the location and occasion, it should be ironed and clean clothes! NO matchy-matchy or identical outfits (Sorry, it’s old fashioned and looks sloppy), NO logos, NO heavy patterns or colors, NO glitter, gemstones! For indoor photo sessions, I recommend pastel and light colors.

Please read my blog’s “What to Wear Guide where I share some tips on how to choose your wardrobe for your photo session.


Makeup should be appropriate to the location and occasion. Skip glitter and gloss on your makeup and hair. They are complicated for the camera and need special light. A key point is to have good face foundation, the rest is up to you.


Although I focus mainly on your personality and emotions, a good manicure and pedicure are always noticeable in photos. I always recommend pastel colors. Please remember that something that looks trendy now, may look old fashioned and funny 5 years later. So don’t go crazy with nail designs.


I do not use any special props other than blankets during my sessions. But feel free to bring any other prop item that you want to include. (Some ideas: hats, sunglasses, boots, jackets, etc. can help you show personality and bring out your style)


Get your kids excited for the session and let them know how much fun it will be, but no need to over-prepare them or add too much pressure for “best behavior”.

Remember that children are not usually fond of being told to pose or smile. It is best to give the children time to relax and try to capture their natural self. Don’t worry if your child is running around and being active. Most of the images you see of young children on my site were captured while the child or toddler was busy playing and exploring.

To get the most out of your session make sure that your little one has rested and has had adequate snacks and water. We can take breaks for snacks and play, however, I will probably still shoot during the breaks. Bring dry, non-messy snacks so their little faces stay clean during the session.

If your kids are too little or you are afraid that they may not cooperate during the shoot I recommend you bring their favorite treat or something you can bribe them with. I also encourage them that they may expect a big reward after the session (ice cream, a meal of their choice, movie, toy, etc…) I’m a mother myself so I totally understand that. Whatever it takes to make your photographing experience pleasant and memorable.


I typically start with a standard pose where everyone is standing and looking at the camera. That’s probably the only time when I will ask you to do so. After that I do not expect you to “stand, look and smile”. I have my own process and I’ll be guiding you through the whole session. I’ll tell you what to do, how to stand, where to look, what to say. Please, do not worry about the poses. I know very well how awkward it may feel to be in front of a camera.

At the end of the session, I usually leave a few minutes to ask my clients if they have any specific images they have in mind or something we might have forgotten to capture.

Which photos you should expect for the family session

Standard family portrait full body (altogether looking at the camera and smiling)

Standard family portrait half body (altogether looking at the camera and smiling)

Portrait of each family member

Portrait of each parent with kids

Portrait of kids/siblings together

The majority of pictures will be of your emotions and interactions, probably not looking into camera, kids playing, etc…